This is interesting. The boy pictured above is enjoying the new Nimbus 2000. It’s fashioned after the model seen in the filmed version of Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone…

Okay, so he seems to be enjoying it, which is fine. But who approved that picture? And what is the shopping parent supposed to think when he or she finds out that the Nimbus 2000 is battery operated? Yes, it vibrates.

Maybe that’s why the item has been discontinued.


Experiencing the end of the week exhaustion/exhilaration. Among the new movies arriving today (for Tuesday’s release date) are The Scorpion King, Nine Queens, Brotherhood of the Wolf and one of the greatest movies ever, The Thin Man. William Powell and Myrna Loy strike the perfect balance between comedy and mystery in that one. And it’s long overdue for arrival on DVD. Of the others, the only film I’m truly excited about is Nine Queens, the preview for which was electrifying. Here’s hoping the movie lives up to that impression.

The preparations for the big move to LA are progressing. No line on a job. Noline on a place to live. But November first is a few days closer. I’d call that progress.

Been entering some more of the CPE Journal. Here’s the latest update. Kind of momentous, if you ask me:

:: CPE Journal Part 5 ::
Friday, April 8, 1994

It’s the slowest day of a slow-as-hell week. Andy’s in Hawaii. Laurie’s in Vegas. Teresa’s in DC. Cristy’s in Phoenix. Maher’s in Santa Barbara somewhere. Wanda is at lunch. Larry’s at lunch. Sue’s at lunch. Mary’s got the day off. Fred’s eating a peanut butter and cream cheese sandwich. He took a break long enough to come in and tell me that Kurt Cobain’s body was just discovered in his home (“that kid, from whats-it? That band? Nirvana. Blasted his face off with a shotgun.”) A suicide note lay nearby. Depressing. The phone hadn’t rung for an hour. Next time it rang, it was Mike calling from Emerald Video to confirm Kurt’s death.


Too busy to enter a proper notice today. It’s Tuesday. New Release Day. so I’ve got to scurry off to work and make sure the kiddies can get their hands on Murder By Numbers when we open our doors. in the meantime, here’s some more from the famous CPE Journal.

:: CPE Journal Part 4 ::
Monday, March 21st 1994

Things are breaking up a bit early here tonight. Fred Caruso’s jamarta (“a little of everything”) is in the oven, cooking for toight’s Oscar gathering at the house on the hill. I’m in charge of getting the wine. Maybe a state of fair drunkenness is what I should be aiming for tonight after last night’s road trip to Los Angeles. Melissa Briney, John Paul Lavezzo and I went to see The Hudsucker Proxy at the Century 14. Matt went with us, but I don’t know him well, and it seems I probably won’t need to. We had a good time, though conversation was difficult in the less-than-serene Hard rock Caf�.

New driving music is Smashing Pumpkins (“Cherub Rock” at full blast) Beck, Inspiral Carpets and Green Day. Dig made a lengthy return last week. ‘Nuff for now…


Last night’s movie: 1 Giant Leap. I’m a sucker for the fusion of music and image, because often out of that synergy arises a powerful idea. It’s inspiration. It’s visual and auditory alchemy. And it can be a hell of a good time. I’ve championed films like Godfrey Reggio’s Koyaanisqatsi and Powaqqatsi, and Ron Fricke’s Baraka for a lot of reasons, but I think they represent film at its most primal. They bear a message, there’s no question. but they involve the viewer by allowing him or her to bring a personal interpretation into the mix. There’s a message there, but the message is the medium. That is, the images and music themselves act upon us in ways go beyond their simple content.The best music videos achieve this sort of give and take. 1 Giant Leap is the brainchild of producers Duncan Bridgeman and Jamie Catto who have traveled throughout (most of) the world in search of ideas, cultures and notions about the human condition. they organized what they recorded into several chapters. Money, is one of them. And Sex. God. Masks. Death… They spoke to writers, to artists to thinkers, to religious figures, to shopkeepers, to CEOs. And they threaded the whole concept through a dense tapestry of music. The result is impressive glimpse of the world we live in, and more important, the people with whom we share it. We differ in many ways, but as this film shows us, we’re similar in more ways than we know. Watch it and learn..


Splitting headache for some reason. Reaching for aspirin, now. Not enough caffeine today. That’s because I’m out of coffee. Which must be why I had such a hard time getting up this morning.Which must also be why I didn’t post anything in the AM. Movement towards L.A. continues, but not exactly in a quicksilver fashion. Originally, I thought I might find a job at a major film studio like Paramount or Warner Bros. working as CEO or president. But I’d scaled down my ambition. I was thinking vice president. Now that I’ve given the matter some thought, I’ve decided that mail room is the right step forward. Or temp agency (thanks Llyr!) No ideas presented themselves in this morning’s paper, unless I want to write a script about WorldCom.

No thanks.

Background noise: Etienne Overdijk & Fred Numf “Love is the Drug”


For your enjoyment, another segment of the CPE Journal…

::CPE Journal Part 3 ::

Tuesday, March 15th 1994

My days have been repetitive but not exactly boring. They usually consist of coming in at 9:08 AM (eight minutes late no matter what time I get up) making the coffee (6 1/2 scoops for 11 cups) and sitting down in front of the computer to look at, update, then ignore my list of things to do. I choke down a massive, horse-pill vitamin that has every imaginable healthy molecule couched within a tasteless, brown medium, then it’s on to the random errands. This day’s music tape is Suzanne Vega’s “Days of Open Hand” backed with the Charlatans’ “Between 10th and 11th.” I’ve just finished a three-day stint with Nirvana’s “In Utero” and Green day’s “Dookie”. Good for the psyche. Bad for the ears.

I picked up some blue-line prints for Maher today, dropped off a ninety-minute tape of a meeting Andy had with Tommy Lee Jones to be transcribed by ASAP Secretarial, did the Lazy Acres grub drive to 1475 and arranged somehow to meet Melissa Hernandez for lunch, a meal which was combined with a short drive to Milpas to pick up a tag for her cat’s collar.

Becca comes into town tonight…


:::From this morning’s writing journal:::

“New idea of the day inspired by a current headline:

THRILLER: A man, blinded in an accident, has his vision restored through artificial means (science, not crystals.) But the resulting hybrid provides far more than he bargained for. he can see an entire, sinister world that coexists with our own.

Anyway, that’s my toss-off idea for the day. It’s a ghost story. A cautionary tale about our ability to meddle with life, and our penchant for acting on that ability. I suppose it’s been done before, and I suppose it could be applied to all of the senses. Hearing and Sight are the best candidates, as the visible and the auditory are most easily manipulated in film. Hmm…perhaps not ALL the senses would work. You could turn the idea into a comedy by using the sense of taste…

COMEDY: A man, rendered tasteless by an accident, has his taste restored through artificial means. But the resulting hybrid proves to be a nightmare.He becomes ultra-sensitive to bad hairstyles, loud ties and mismatched socks. Tragically, he has a coronary while on vacation in Las Vegas.

Anyway, it’s an idea. The sense of touch provides some interesting ideas. What are the potential drawbacks of regaining the sense of touch after, say, being paralyzed? What are the thematic implications? Numbness to hypersensitivity. Apathy to emotion. So vision: can one have the use of one’s eyes and be totally “blind”? Of course. Woody Allen explored the themes of vision and blindness beautifully in Crimes and Misdemeanors. And what about hearing? The character of Henry Leyden in Black House is blind, but his hearing is so acute that he can discern the entire subtext of an overheard conversation without actually seeing the participants. The reverse of that? If one were deaf, could he or she develop a sense of vision far beyond normal? Does a deaf person learn to pick up visual cues beyond the ability of the average person? What is average? And for that matter, what is person? Who am I? Do I exist? Bye-bye.”



I think this is going to be the theme of my next mix. The lyrics are contained in one of the trax I’ll be using (“Ruhe” by Schiller)

Ruhe, das höchste Glück auf Erden, kommt sehr oft nur durch Einsamkeit in das Herz.

Peace, the highest pleasure on earth, very often comes to the heart by loneliness only.

Actually, this translation might be better:
Silence, the greatest happiness on earth, only comes through loneliness at heart.

Or maybe a combination of the two. You work it out.


Spent an inordinate amount of time working on jmt2k.com this morning. Adobe ImageReady can be maddening. Still trying to figure out just what the hell is going on with Netscape. And no actual writing getting done. Aside from this, anwyay. But as long as I’m here, might as well post the next installment of the CPE Journal. Two days’ worth, since one of ’em is so short…

::CPE Journal Part 2 ::
Friday, Feb 25th, 1994

Gotta get the mailbox.

Adrianne was here in the AM. Apparently, while I was off getting Andy’s tux and picking up Danny Friedman’s tape from Greyhound there was a coffee catastrophe. So I spent forty minutes doing a coffee machine overhaul.

Monday, Feb 28th, 1994

There are some days when I spend less than an hour at the office. This was one of those days. The rest of the time I spent in my car or either at 1475 or the Miramar house. Terry Khan arrived today amid a bit of contractual confusion. I had to stock up on his provisions a bit. Glorious job, that. Even more so was the terminally fun task of washing the sheets on the two beds and remaking them afterwards. I just wanted to sit on the Oceanside and watch the waves argue with the shore. Not much chance in that, though. Gotta get up, jingle those keys. Get over to Staples so everybody can have their hanging file folders.

CPE Journal

What follows is the beginning of a sort of side-project associated with sixsquare.com . It’s a journal I kept during the period from Spring to Fall of 1994 while I was working as a Production Assistant for director Andrew Davis’s company, Chicago Pacific Entertainment. I had already been working there for a few months but I found I was doing far more than I could comfortably keep track of in my head. So I began this journal. It wasn’t supposed to be an amusing read, but time and distance has rendered the madness and the boredom something close to hilarious. And strangely romantic, too, which is very strange. Give it time. Many more installments to follow.

CPE Journal Part 1 ::: Thursday, Feb 24, 1994

Petty cash is very short for some reason and I’m having difficulty remembering what I bought or who I threw money at in the past couple weeks. That’s a good enough reason to invest in this little journal.

Anyway, I found the receipt ($104) from Smart & Final. But the moral of the story still holds…

Long run at the end of the day included looking at mailboxes, looking at mailbox stands, looking at motion sensor lights, looking at people driving by while I filled up my gas tank, etc. Picked up random office supplies at Office Mart. The guy with the hare lip was pretty offended by my presence. He did not want to help me, I guess. I had ten reams of paper to take to my car so he graciously said, “You can take that out in a couple of trips if you want to.”

“Thank you. Thank you so much for that incredibly kind offer.”

The girl at the front counter said goodbye to me three times.