when it rains…

Things seem to wanna pour these days.

After all that struggle to get the computer running again, I have about five hours of bliss and freedom. Then my internet connection just quits. My signal flatlines. I call SBC. A guy shows up today, scratches his head, plugs his tri-corder into various things, then finally throws up his hands and tries switching out my modem.

Presto. I’m back online. Unfortunately, all this happens in the middle of the first writing session I’ve had in five days, so I’ve got to return to that for a while. This is an important treatment. I want it to be good. I figured I’d pop through here and let everyone know that all is well again.

Oh, the modem is free. The visit costs me sixty dollars. Natch.

I’ll post again later today. As you can see the writing life is back on track:

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