Welcome. And Read This Thing

What is this place? Who’s doing it? Why does it exist? Read on…

This site is not all that special yet, having only emerged, mewling, into the light, fur still wet and eyes still shut.Pathetic Chihuahua

In some ways, it’s long overdue. Five years after snipping the wires on my last blog, I’ve decided to get back into the habit of public writing again. Five years! That’s shocking. And in Web Time, it’s an eternity. Sixsquare.com had run its course back in ‘08. I wrote it during my Hollywoodland days, back when I was struggling through odd jobs and multiple drafts and living in a place where dirt, culture, sex and movie stars hung out, often on the same street corner. But things had changed. I was treading water. I’m not there anymore and it feels like it’s time to start something new.

So why bring it back? And why now? Well, for starters, having a website is no longer a luxury for a writer, it’s a necessity. In fact, it’s no longer even called just a blog anymore. It’s a platform. And every writer needs one. I understand this. And in fact, I like the idea very much. I’ve got things to say once again. And stories to tell. And shit to show you. I can’t promise any of it will be relevant. Or entertaining. Or good. But I can promise one thing: It’ll be well-punctuated.

Oh, and one more thing, excuse the tennis posts. They’ll be arriving soon, I’m sure. If they get too plentiful, I’ll spin them off onto their own blog.

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