three things:

i. I’m aware that Safari users are having difficulty with the collapsing menus on the right side of this blog. Clicking on the “links” heading gets you the whole shebang, throwing down a bunch of hypertext and thumbnails in a way that renders useless all of my careful page design. It’s a problem with the div tags. I’ll get around to fixing it eventually.

ii. I get an email today that reads: I saw get mail at will(at) on my computer and clicked it to see what would happen and I got this. Sorry. Attached is an email addressed to me that is also in my IN BOX. This worries me. What is this link doing on his computer and how did it get there and how is it able to retrieve my email?

iii. I miss Mark’s episode of Cold Case on Sunday. He insists it’s at nine, and since I work until eight I don’t bother arranging to leave early. But when I get off I find out that it started at eight, directly opposite the Golden Globes. I end up unable to watch either and instead sprawl on the carpet in my living room with my spiral notebook and a new pen.

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