The Tenth Dimension

I’m standing on the corner of Fuller and Santa Monica. I’m about to cross the street to Trader Joe’s to pick up something to eat for today. Then it occurs to me as I cross the street that I left my wallet back on my kitchen counter. So I stop and retreat to the curb. I’m going to have to walk back to my apartment to get it. That is, I’m going to have to traverse the tedious distance between myself and that counter–a journey through three dimensions. And it’s going to take time.

Or at least I think it’ll take time. I’m a little uncertain because I happen to know that as I’m standing on that corner, I’m already back at my house, getting the wallet. And I’m also at work already, having gone to trader Joe’s and made the trek down Sunset to Argentum. That is, my Four Dimensional Self is in all of these places at once. So all I have to do is fold myself through the Fourth Dimension to retrieve that wallet. Does that make sense? either that, or I need to fold myself through the Fifth Dimension to a timeline in which I didn’t forget the wallet in the first place. But I have to be careful. If I accidentally step through the 7th Dimension, I could end up in a universe in which I’ve evolved into a Wasabi Shrimp Avocado Roll and might very well be someone else’s lunch.

Ugh, this is all so confusing. Maybe I’d better review the movie:

Rob Bryanton, a Canadian composer (!) who has obviously spent a great deal of time tinkking about the nature of reality, has written a book called Imagining The 10th Dimension (here’s the site) The video is a sort of summary of the first chapter, and attempts to clarify, for those curious, what dimensional layers exist above our own. It’s an amazing video, incredibly informative, with excellent animations to help illustrate what is almost impossible for our 3-D brains to conceive. I can’t wait to read the book.

Oh, and I end up walking back for my wallet, but I’m out of time now so I have to skip TJ’s. I really need to get the hang of dimensional travel.

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  1. Steve - April 26, 2007 at 8:37 am Reply

    Wow, that is really interesting! I’ve never heard of Rob Bryanton, but I’ve been a fervent appreciator or theoretical physics for some time. The video is interesting. I’m curious to check out his book. Thanks for the info! =)

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