The Second Wedding.

Tomorrow is Melisande’s wedding. I’m doing my usual last-minute preparation for the DJ gig by digging through cd’s, ripping tracks I can see myself playing, gathrering music and burning cd’s. It’s amazing how much music I have, and how poorly I can distill it into something useful.

Here’s a list of what I actually burned. It’s just a tiny fraction of what I’m taking.

Urban Species


Alberto Iglesias

Toad The Wet Sprocket

that dog

The Stone Roses

Mick Harvey

The Connells

Electric Light Orchestra


The Breeders

Blind Melon

Black Box Recorder

Black Grape

Frank Black

The B-52’s


The Beastie Boys

Baby Bird


Alice In Chains

Tori Amos

Azure Ray


It should be fun and laid back. There won’t be any dancing–I mean, not the way there was at Melissa’s wedding. You know, with the first dance and the couples dance and all that stuff. This is going to be more of a party gig.

I just hope I make it there on time.

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