The Ring

Last night’s film was the Japanese horror film, Ring. I wanted to check it out before the Dreamworks remake comes out later this year. It’s standard practice in efforts like this for Americans to run roughshod over the charm and effectiveness of the original work (eg. Vanilla Sky vs. Abre Los Ojos; The Vanishing) so I felt it was important to catch the original before seeing what Ehren Kruger has penned for SKG. The DVD is not yet available in the US (thought I’m certain that will change soon) so I had to borrow it from a friend. The film is a serious trip. It’s a ghost story of sorts, whose plot revolves around a series of unexplained deaths. All of the deceased have one thing in common–they’ve all watched a bizarre videotape within the previous seven days. The protagonist, a plucky newspaper reporter, gets her hands on that tape and watches it. Sure enough, she receives a warning that she, herself. will die in seven days. This makes her not so plucky, and what follows is a gripping race against time as she and her ex-husband try to unlock the secrets of the tape. Neat stuff. The remake, due out soon, stars Naomi Watts and Amber Tamblyn (who I think is the daughter of Russ “Dr. Jacobi” Tamblyn.)

Keep an eye out for this one.

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