The More Things Change…

I was digging through some old books and crap in an effort to keep the simplification going when I stopped to leaf through some old issues of Comic Relief. One of them is from May 1990 and the other, December 1994. Immediately, I was struck by how the exact same things were on our minds then. Guns, arms, crime, Republicans, Democrats, Castro… Take this on, for starters:

Drumpf - Doug Marlette, 1990

We were obsessed about him back then, too. And this one, which seems a bit prescient now:

Don Wright, 1990

And then here’s one that shows that we’re not suddenly wrestling with the One China policy, but that we’re STILL wrestling with it.

Heng Kim Song, 1990


Health Care? Oh, that’s been a political football since the dawn of time.  Bob Dole’s got into it in the years preceding his runup to his presidential election run in ’96:

Jimmy Margulies, 1994


Guns in schools? Check. (I love this one.)

Rex Babin, 1994


The next two aren’t so relevant now, but for those who don’t exactly remember just how much the O.J. Simpson trial commanded the world’s attention…

Don Wright, 1994


And yes, of course, Cuba. Folded into some OJ iconography…

Dick Locher, 1994


And finally, an interesting cartoon that shouldn’t exist. I mean, if of course, you’re one of those travelers who’ve strayed into this dimension by accident from the one where Mandela died in prison, (from one of my favorite editorial cartoonists…)

Tom Toles, 1994


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