the faces of meth

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. Oregon deputy Bret King has begun a project he calls the Faces Of Meth. He’s juxtaposed before and after photos of some of the more intense meth-addict cases to come through the Multnomah County Detention Center. Take a look at them here. When the horror subsides a bit, go here to check out a fascinating article from the Oregonian about King’s project that explores the stories of some of the people in the photographs.

Kempre talks about the day he was tweaking on meth and thought bugs were burrowing into his skin. He kept scratching at them. Covered in blood, he went to his parents’ house for help.

He gave them tweezers and a magnifying glass, but his parents told him they couldn’t see anything.

“My dad broke down in the front yard,” Kempre says in the video. “He knew what was going on.”

He had never seen his dad cry before. The sight, he said, made him “snap out of it” for a few seconds. He told his father he was sorry. He then grabbed for one of the imaginary insects. “But wait,” Kempre said he told his father, “there’s one right here.”

So many stories.

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