the delicate skin

Seventeen months ago, a pair of cool producers optioned the delicate skin. There was a fair amount of sernedipity involved. I had just posted it over at when one of those producers happened to stumble upon it. Hers was the script’s very first review, and it glowed. This amazed me at the time, because I viewed it as a difficult and dark script, challenging to read and difficult to stomach. But they loved it and they plopped down the cash for the eighteen month option.

The way has been difficult (I wrote about one of the problems here,) and now that the time’s up, they’ve chosen not to renew the option. They haven’t given up, I don’t think. But they just can’t afford to renew again, since the contract my old agent worked out stipulated a second option twice that of the first.

My manager’s suggesting we give them another six months. Frankly, that’s fine with me. I’ve got plenty of other things to work on, including a new draft of Strange Angels, which is kicking and screaming for attention again.

NOTE: Reading over this post, I realize that the way I’ve written it implies that the two figures in the picture above are the producers who optioned the script.


The picture is, in fact, Elizabeth Short and an unidentified male friend.

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