the dangers of blogging

When one starts a blog, one has to decide whether it is to be public or anonymous. I chose public, because I wanted to use it to keep people informed of my weekly happenings. Anonymous blogs allow the writer a great deal of freedom to rant and rave about personal issues in ways I can’t (or won’t) here. There’s always the danger, however, that the rants will slip out and the target of those rants, even if they’re not even remotely part of your audience, will come across them.

We’re coming up on the first anniversary of that stupid work conflict from last year. Long-time readers will remember the story. I was accused of stealing from a business that had so many financial leeches clinging to its skin that it’s a wonder it still hasn’t shriveled up and died. Not only was the accusation absurd, the weird way in which it was made inspired me to rant in these very pages about my thick-headed accusers and the ways in which they played off of each other and off of me. Here are the main three links:

Rocket Rage – where I first lay it all out.

Rocket Developments – Where I talk about the difficulty using a microcassette recorder.

Aftermath – wherein I mention a need to watch M*A*S*H.

A couple months ago I notice that someone has found my site in a search for “Rocket Video” plus the name of the bonehead who made the accusation. I knew what that meant. Deciding it’s probably prudent to keep his name off the posts, I edit them and change all instances of his name into the word “Bonehead,” which is far more pleasing to me anyway, because it kinda fits. The other owner, for whom I did tons of web work and under whose absent-mindedness I suffered great financial strain I’ve always referred to as “Boss.” He’s a nice guy. He’s always meant well, but I couldn’t take the unpredictabilty of his payment schedule, and there were times when I would rant about that as well.

I haven’t heard from Boss in months. Not since I stopped working for him. Last week I find out that the reason is because Bonehead found this site and all of the blistering commentary herein. I learn that he was pleased to have been referred to as an ass. “I must be doing something right,” is what he is reported to have said, which is EXACTLY the sort of thing a true ass says of himself when called on it. He even learns of Boss’s “disloyalty” after reading this passage, which refers to the agreement I refused to sign permitting a private investigator to poke around my (rather ho-hum) history:

Even though I told them I would take twenty-four hours to decide on whether I would sign the release or not, I knew I wouldn’t. And interestingly, later on that night, Boss called me to tell me that he didn’t think it was a good idea either.

My only reaction to all of this is merely a shrug. It’s all true. None of this is slanderous. I didn’t make any of it up. I suppose I feel a little bad that Boss had to read some of it. He’s a good guy at heart, but I suffered a lot under his employ. He can take it.

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