the daily irony

Scoring high points in the irony department today. I was all set to return to the blogging routine, when the stormy skies over L.A. caused some kind of power hiccup. The blackout lasted all of an eighth of a second. My computer restarted. My monitor, alas, did not. It’s flatlining, folks. No picture.

And then about ten minutes later I received a phone call from a gent looking for someone who can keep his company website updated. That is, a possible job offer arrived moments after my means to work it went kaput.

I’m updating this from work. I’ll be spending the next few days pondering my predicament. I may very well find myself liking this situation. The computer, as useful and convenient as it is, has been draining all of my time of late. What readers of this site may not have noticed is that while I’ve been largely absent from here for the past couple weeks, I’ve been pouring energy into now that I’m receiving lots of traffic from the link over at the artist’s website. But now that things are dark, I’ve suddenly got time to take care of a few things.

I’ll be back. But it might take a while.



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