The aftermath

Actually, that’s kinda grandiose. It’s not so much an aftermath as it is a “Day After.” I spent the weekend doing nothing. In the morning, I wrote. in the evening I hung out. On Saturday I stopped by Rocket to drop something off for Sara’s friend Michael. I ended up chatting at length with the team. And Summer dropped by at one point during the proceedings, so I had to give her the whole story again. If it was anyone other than Summer, I would have said, just check the weblog, because frankly, I’m tired of talking about it. But she cares. more than most people. Her suggestion? Come back for the next month, and while you’re working, lay the groundwork for your departure. Makes sense. And in fact, Mark said the same thing.

My own decision? I think I’ll come back, for a little while. As far as anyone knows (exept those closest to me) I’m coming back indefinitely. As I said before, I would like the chance to solidify connections with a number of people I’ve met there. Too many people have turned out to be way too cool during the past year. If I can maintain contact with even a fraction of them it’ll be enough. I need to expand the rolodex, if I can.

Anyway, all that stress and craziness seems to have lodged in my lungs. The past couple days I’ve been feeling pretty sick. It’s not debilitating, but it’s enough to keep me sequestered in my apartment. At about five I ventured out into the unusually warm afternoon and walked to Trader Joe’s. I’ve got half a carton of cottage cheese and half a bag of old lettuce in my refrigerator. And though, like Cassandra, I see financial doom on the horizon, I have to eat, right? And it was strange walking about in the real world, where people are running and chatting and playing tennis like it was just a typical day and of course, it is a typical day for everyone except me. And then I begin wondering if maybe my illness is just a sort of “wallowing” that has taken the form of a large basketball stuffed into my head until a fit of coughing reminds me that there are times when one should just retreat from things for a while and watch old episodes of M*A*S*H.

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