Ten Tracks That Mattered: #11 – The Brunettes

The Brunettes - Structure & Cosmetics“Stereo (Mono Mono)” by The Brunettes

The truth is, I like looking at year-end lists but I don’t have much faith in them. Each list reflects the taste and interests of the person or magazine that’s waving it about. And when it’s a list compiled by a big name company you get an approprately self-conscious, offbeat choice. Spin chose Against Me’s New Wave as number one. Pitchfork tapped Panda Bear’s Person Pitch. Rolling Stone? M.I.A.’s Kala. The point is, it’s all subjective. There is no best album of the year. There’s no best song of 2007, or at least not that we can all agree on. That’s why the only thing this list cares about is Me, Me, Me! These are the songs I like, the ones that mattered to me for whatever reason, the stuff that resonated. So I guess it has nothing to do with faith. It’s all a fun game.

That said, Number Eleven on the list of my Fave Ten of 2007 comes from the New Zealand’s Jonathan Bree and Heather Mansfield. The Brunettes. Their current album, Structure And Cosmetics is an adorable collection of pretty, quirky songs that expand and swirl out of the speakers like a gentle breeze. It’s a big and interesting sound that’s best captured by this tune. If you get a chance, listen to it in your headphones becuase it takes advantage of stereo left and right to present an odd and touching love story between, well… two channels. Left and Right. Listen to it with care. I overdosed and ended up at the dentist’s office. It’s really, really sweet.

The Brunettes

The Brunettes: official site (annoying browser re-size alert!) myspace, sales direct, itunes


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