Ten Tracks That Mattered: #10 – Nicole Atkins

Nicole Atkins - Neptune City“Together We’re Both Alone” by Nicole Atkins

So here’s what I do. During the course of the year, as I listen to new music, if I run across something that strikes me as very cool I drag it into an ongoing playlist. through the year it grows. Come year’s end, I’ll pore over that list and for the fun of it, figure out which ones I liked best. Why do I like one track over another? Why does anybody? All I know is you’re in a place, at a certain time, and something crashes into your field of view and does a slinky hip-wiggling dance.

All five or six or you regular readers remember my going on about Nicole Atkins in much the same terms barely a month ago. Maybe it’s proximity to the incident, but I still love this tune. It’s got a massive, sweeping sound that perfectly complements Atkins’ ferocious voice. I think the reason this track edged out the other from the album (check that previous post to hear “Love Surreal”) comes right at the 2:20 mark:

But with all is trouble
When I close my eyes, you never go away
I’ve tried everything, still you won’t change
Is it better if you go…

That gorgeous high note would shatter crystal. Breakups have never been so sweet.

Nicole Atkins - Photo by Crackerfarm!

Nicole Atkins: website, allmusic blog post, myspace, rolling stone

[And hey, as long as I’m posting lyrics, can I rant for a moment on the utter nightmare that visits me every time I try to deal with a lyrics site? Is there one out there that’s reasonably complete and doesn’t grab the back of your head and pummel your face with ads and pop-ups and then give you the same incomplete and/or incorrect result that’s available on every other lyrics site? If you know of one, comment me on it. Please.]


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  1. Kevin - January 1, 2008 at 10:39 pm Reply

    She made one of my favorite videos:


    (And I have no suggestions regarding all the crap everyone has to put up with when looking for lyrics.)

  2. Will - January 1, 2008 at 10:47 pm Reply

    You’re right. That’s a lovely video. I hadn’t seen that one yet. The visuals are as wistful and melancholy as the song.

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