Jerry O’Connell: Scientologist

The floodgates have opened in the wake of the Tom Cruise Scientology video. Everyone with a camera has put together a parody. This is my favorite. Jerry O’Connell as Tom Cruise: Scientologist. I love the parable of the rabbit and the elephant. And it’s a WGA spot, too! Extra relevant for the Sixsquare-verse. the parody […]

WGA Strike in New Mexico

A week ago I joined several other WGA members, aspiring writers and even a few SAG members in Albuquerque to do a little picketing. I was surprised to find out that there was a WGA contingent out here big enough to pull something like this together. I met a couple of the organizers at a […]

Speechless #20: Woody Allen

Director George Hickenlooper and writer Alan Sereboff have teamed up to create a series of mini-shorts designed to throw light onto the issue of writers. Using top – tier SAG artists and clever presentation of ideas, they’ve put together a whole series of these amazing pieces. They began “airing” on Thanksgiving an United Of […]

WGA Gets Tough

The last time there was a full-fledged Writer’s Guild strike, I wasn’t in the Writer’s Guild. That was many many years ago. I remember hearing about the strike and then all of a sudden, Dark Shadows with Ben Cross was on TV. And while I’m in the Guild now, I haven’t actually been an active […]