I’ve got a mug of some of that rich, piñon coffee beside me. I’ve got some cool music hissing from the speakers and I’ve got the final stages of the Strange Angels rewrite on this dark platter on my desk. And I’ve been scarce for that reason. If it comes down to a choice between finishing the script or writing something odd and ultimately inconsequential in here, I have to choose the former. Longer posts will come again in time, but for now you’ll have to be content with my dropping in occasionally to say something like, “Wow! Someone found a girl in a piñata!” You know, that kind of thing. Which is actually pretty odd and inconsequential, so let’s just be happy with that.

And hey, I’ve been posting some links to music I’ve been hearing and liking over at Buzznet. Bookmark it and check back from time to time. You might dig something you hear.

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