Subtitle Blitz #20: The City of Ember

I loved this book, about a weird clutch of human’s scratching out a steampunk living, deep in a forgotten cave, surrounded by failing technology and a constant, nagging fear that one day their power will fail outright and the world will be plunged into darkness. They subsist, day to day, on flagging supplies and meager gardens, while rumors of an outside world–and open skies–float around them like mist. The movie adaptation is pale by comparison, as they so often are. Saoirse Ronan is terrific, of course. Tim Robbins seems out of place, and Bill Murray is astoundingly miscast as the mayor of Ember. He looks as if he wandered in from a neighboring set and thought it would be fun to settle in for a few weeks.

Ember is Los Angeles. The past few weeks, we’ve been living in a dark, wet cave. The rain kept coming and it kept coming. Jinx and I would just sit at the window and stare at the rain. Secretly, I began pondering the logistics of building an ark. And then… it finally stopped raining.

I am Lina Mayfleet. Jinx is Doon. And we’ve finally made it to the surface. There’s a sky up there. And it is huge.

The sun is back and we’re overjoyed.

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