Subtitle Blitz #17: In America

This one had me wrapped up in knots. My blood pressure was higher watching this than it ever gets watching most horror movies. Except, of course for The Exorcist (requiescat in pace, Bill Blatty,) which still gets the ticker all agitated. The thing is, this is about an Irish family arriving in New York to make a dent. It’s a good Irish family, recently bereaved, with two daughters. And the make a go of it in Hell’s Kitchen. They’re good people and that’s what’s scary to me–they’re just asking for tragedy to come knocking.

There’s a scene at a carnival, where Paddy Considine risks all of their money to get an E.T. doll for one of his daughters. And as a subtitler, I try not to get involved, but damn it, I had to skip ahead to make sure that everything turned out all right. It was just a scene where he goes toe-to-toe with a carnival ball toss game, but writer-director Jim Sheridan (one suspects this is largely autobiographical) constructs in such a way that it could have been mutant zombie tentacled piranhas and it would have been less nerve-racking.

Nice work.

This is not that scene, but here’s a bit of acting, with Considine and Djimon Hounsou.


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