Subtitle Blitz #15: Simply Irresistible

I was so excited to work on this one. Not because it’s Sarah Michelle Gellar, and not because I’m a huge Buffy fan, and not because I like food movies. No, it was because I’d finally be able to listen to Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas and June Diane Rafael dismantle the movie on How Did This Get Made? And as I’m writing about this, I realize that what I want to do is tear this movie limb from limb and laugh and jeer and point, but I’m also realizing the extent of the conundrum that HDTGM? has to deal with now that they’ve gotten so popular. You can’t just go after movies with a meat cleaver when you’re working in this industry. Well, you could, but say, for example, I see Ladybugs with Rodney Dangerfield and then I blog about how I hate it and wondered who would produce such a thing, and then my agent calls me up and says, “Hey, Albert S. Ruddy wants to meet with you about your script,” and I look him up and see that–gulp–Ladybugs is one of his credits? That actually happened to me. Well, not the blog part–I haven’t seen Ladybugs–but I did meet with Albert Ruddy, and when you see  a terrible movie, you have to say, You know, they were doing their best, and among a ton of other things, Albert Ruddy produced The Godfather, so he obviously knows what he’s doing. Although he did say to me, “You’re gonna go far in this business,” which is funny because, many years later, I’m still at the starting gate.

The point is, recognize that movies are bad. A lot of them are. But don’t be afraid to love them. They give us hope.

Oh, and Simply Irresistible? I think the crab is magical. And I don’t think it’s SMG’s mom. And Patty Clarkson is hot. And no way did Buffy look, act, move or behave like a real chef. I’ve seen Noma: My Perfect Storm.

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