Subtitle Blitz #10: Street Kings

From high fashion to gritty cop corruption drama, from David Frankel to David Ayer, one of the things I love about subtitling is the sheer variety of the work. This one’s got a high-power cast, including Keanu Reeves, Jay Mohr, Chris Evans and Common, but eclipsing them all, as usual, is Forest Whitaker. He’s just so damned fun to watch.

Hugh Laurie’s in this, too. He shows up for the first time in a hospital scene, and I literally thought that Ayer had created a shared-universe movie that overlapped with House, M.D. And that Keanu’s character would end up becoming a complex medical mystery, solved in the third when a random comment dropped by Omar Epps switches on the light bulb over Gregory’s head.

But no. Just corrupt cops shooting at each other.

Gregory House’s epiphanies, for the record:

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