Subtitle Blitz #12: The Counselor

There’s a hell of a lot of gloss around the core story here, which is about a lawyer who, because he’s fallen so hard for the most beautiful woman alive, chooses the worst get-rich-quick scheme possible to be able to afford it. Lots of flamboyant characters and moneyed sleaze, a kind of miasma of decadence and edge-of-society boredom. I really resisted this one while I was working on it. But I dove in, because when you watch a Ridley Scott flick, you’re at least guaranteed a beautiful ride, regardless of who it’s peopled with. But because I had to work on both the original and extended versions of the movie, I spent enough time with the gang that it really grew on me. I had little sympathy for Michael Fassbender’s character, who made his own bed and pays a brutal cost for it when the whole thing goes up in flames, but he makes those choices because he’s in love with his girlfriend, who looks like this:

The photo above is clear evidence that Ms. Cruz has signed some kind of Faustian contract to preserve her looks, or at the very least has a withering portrait of herself tucked away in an attic somewhere.

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