Subtitle Blitz #11: The Heat

This is the second time I’ve had to work on this one. The first time, I was working on the airline version, which meant I had to configure an existing full subtitle file to a stripped, sanitized, de-fanged and nonsensical version of the movie. And this is insane because one of the arcs of Sandra Bullock’s character is that she learns to relax and unleash the crude, foul-mouthed persona she’s got locked inside. So when she finally unwinds and lets loose with the profanity, it just makes no sense.

Real version:

“You’re just a shit-jerk!
You’re a shit-jerk dick-fucker assholer!”

Admittedly, not the finest barrage of profanity, hey, she’s growing. Here’s the airline version:

“You’re just a spit-jerk!
You’re a spit-jerk dick-plucker butt wiper!”

Undermines the entire point of the scene. It’s supposed to show that Melissa McCarthy’s character has helped her grow. But “dick-plucker” is downright confusing. “Did she learn nothing?” you have to ask. “Did she not grow at all?”

To sum up: Don’t see the airline version. Or you’ll miss this:

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