Subtitle Blitz #08: Bedazzled

“Elliot Richards is just a beautimous player for the game of basketball.”

I have a soft spot for this movie. I still haven’t seen the original, with Peter Cook and Dudley Moore (it’s in my queue) but I can’t help but giggle at the hoops that Harold Ramis held up for Brendan Fraser. Say what you will, the guy has charisma. And comic chops.

That said, the best parts of this movie ended up on the cutting room floor. Witness the deleted scenes. Holy crap, Orlando Jones and Toby Huss improv the shit out of their courtside scene, to the point where even Harold Ramis is cracking up. And nobody says the word “beautimous” quite like Mr. Jones. From the 3:30 mark:

Then there’s the rock star segment. I can see why this was dropped from the film. Just that shot of Fraser’s rock god incarnation digging pills (and a pill bottle) out of Frances O’Connor’s mouth right before they slap the shit out of each other would be enough. It’s jarring. But damn, it’s fun. I’d love to see this folded into the main narrative somehow.

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