sting & mr. macintosh

Sara makes fun of me tonight because I’m waxing ecstatic over the unexpected release of the old Sting film, Bring On The Night. It’s a cool flick, part document’ry, part concert film, capturing Sting during his Dream of The Blue Turtles phase. Somewhere after The Soul Cages, Sting got insufferably boring, but back then he was cool, surrounding himself with cool musicians, and turning out some quirky, fun music. The film is decent, but that performance of “I Burn For You” is worth the purchase price alone.

Sara’s idea of utter coolness is, of course, Social D. She’s not wrong, but Sting was once cool, too. I don’t think she believes me.

And she also never cared for The Office (why am I friends with this woman?) so she’s not at all moved when I point out actor Ewan MacIntosh shopping the Mezzanine. as usual, I’m surprised at how sometimes recognizing an actor can cause my brain to slip a cog. yesterday someone points out Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra and I yawn. Today, I’m going, “Cool!”

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