Steel Mosquitos

We are haunted by helicopters. I’m beginning to think that they inhabit my dreams. Last night I’m drifting off to sleep at 1:30 when a particularly low-flying bird swoops in to the Martel and Sunset and scrapes the earth with its searchlight. This goes on for about twenty minutes.

Today, trying to get some writing done, I’m fighting a losing battle with a naptime urge (brought on by last night’s sleeplessness.) I throw in the towel and close my eyes. The helicopter returns.

But this time, it sounds as if it’s trying to land on my roof. I venture out to shoot rubber bands as it and realize it’s not one, but FIVE helicopters parked in the air above Hollywood. They look like news helicopters. But Channel 9 is still showing Judge Mathis, so maybe they really ARE in my head.

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