Soul Coughing – Ruby Vroom

Soul Coughing - Screenwriter’s Blues

The Writers have returned to the table with the producers. So says Variety. There’s a press blackout, which is okay, because that frees up speechifying time for actual bargaining. Pressure’s increasing. One blog lists the names and positions of folks who’ve lost their jobs since the strike began. I imagine it’s much greater than the 400+ names they’ve actually got listed. As for me? I will be arriving in Los Angeles late this week to participate in the strike, so watch out, everyone!

Oh, alright. Truth is, I’m going to crash the annual Amoeba holiday party, but if the strike’s still happening come Monday, I’ll do my best to find out where I can grab a sign. And as reps for the writers and producers play Hatfield & McCoy I thought it would be appropriate to drop one of my favorite Soul Coughing tunes. There are, of course, many faves, but this one sits right up there on top.

Listen while you peruse the Variety poll on the strike (downloads a nifty pdf file.)

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