Sorry Sue

I’ve been more or less silent around here lately. Sorry about that. I think this cartoon, taken from the pages of New Yorker (March 21, 1994,) sums things up rather nicely:

Too many projects. And too many projects necessarily means choosing just one or two to focus on. Either that or a picking up some crystal meth, but we all know where THAT leads.

No thanks.

Incidentally, some have been asking why I haven’t blogged about a certain New Jersey-born firecracker currently living in San Francisco who came down to visit over the Fourth of July weekend. Well I’ll tell you. I tend to NOT blog about social relationships. Especially the good ones. If you need more than that, I’ll give you a movie reference (this is HOLLYWOODLAND, after all.) In the film Roxanne, Steve Martin is asked why he’s so annoyingly happy. He says, “Because yesterday, she didn’t, and today…she does.”

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