Social Workers

“Why would you ever want to work with old people?” says LAUREN. She’s quoting people who question her emphasis on Gerontology in pursuing her Masters Degree in Social Work Welfare at Berkeley.

Then she relates a story told to her by a classmate whose focus was on child welfare, about a father who got his fourteen year old daughter strung out on drugs and then made her invite her young friends over for sleepovers, during which he then molested them.

“Give me a demented old queen over that any day,” she says.

I like Lauren.

DAYLE’S Masters emphasis was on Mental Health. “Me? I wanna work with criminally insane teens.”

Good for Dayle.

I’ve been up in the Bay Area for a few days, attending the graduation celebrations (both formal and otherwise) of the two women above. They’ve just finished studying at Berkeley, which also happens to be the birthplace of Amoeba Music.

I don’t have time to craft a more clever connection than that between the text and the image in this post. Have a nice day.

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