Recently, I have an epiphany.

Raisins, I realize, are not my favorite food.

Hot upon the heels of that one I have another:

I have too many things.

And I’m acting on that epiphany. I drag five garbage bags full of clothing out of my closet. I drop them at the donation site on Santa Monica at Highland. I reduce three bookcases of books down to just two shelves. The rest I donate to Out Of The Closet on Fairfax.

And I flip through my DVD collection and pull out seven hundred and sixty DVDs and twenty two box sets to sell. It’s not that I don’t like the movies anymore. I love them. I just don’t need the discs. It’s that strange attachment to things I’m rebelling against.

Here’s what eight hundred DVD’s looks like stacked on my table (click on the image for a bigger pic):

This DVD purge is just part of a larger effort. When I’m done, I’ll post before/after pics.

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