shapes and sounds

THIS is a glimpse of why I don’t believe that there is a God. Not “god” you see, but “God” as put forth by the limited intellect of the average human. We share a sort of vision because we evolved that way, not because it’s the Truth. Imagine understanding numbers as shapes, as sounds, as motion, as does Daniel Tammet.


Last year Tammet broke the European record for recalling pi, the mathematical constant, to the furthest decimal point. He found it easy, he says, because he didn’t even have to “think”. To him, pi isn’t an abstract set of digits; it’s a visual story, a film projected in front of his eyes. He learnt the number forwards and backwards and, last year, spent five hours recalling it in front of an adjudicator. He wanted to prove a point. “I memorised pi to 22,514 decimal places, and I am technically disabled. I just wanted to show people that disability needn’t get in the way.”

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