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James Holden

A couple weeks ago I waxed enthusuastic about the new offering from DJ Sandra Collins. But that was before I picked up the new James Holden comp. People who know me (some of them, anyway) know that I adore Mr. Holden’s work. It’s complex and intricate, and as dance music goes, inaccessible and relatively obscure. It’s dance music for the brain. IDM, as some call it, though “Intelligent Dance Music” sounds elitist and pointless to me. Mind you, Collins is good, but this new collection, called “At The Controls” is a two hour journey through a weird and delicious wonderland. Again, it’s tough to choose a track to post for your enjoyment, as this is a compilation. But Holden weaves a good dose of his own material into the mix, so I’ll toss up something of his to get an idea of where his tastes lie. If you’re looking for a disc to get you through the holidays that’s equal parts challenge and glory, try “At The Controls,” mixed by Mr. James Holden.

Petter –

      Some Polyphony
(224kps mpthree)

Milky Globe vs. James Holden –

      Sun Spots
(224kps mpthree)

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