SFX: lightning bolt | midnight movies

I promised a couple of tunes the other day and I got kinda woozy again, so I ended up not posting them. Here they are. I’m posting two of them because they’re so far apart stylistically that it only makes sense they appear together.

Lightning Bolt is not so much music as it is a sonic onslaught. The singer/drummer growls and spits out his lyrics through a microphone he keeps in his mouth. The tune is short. Listen to it a couple times and see if it grows on you the way it did me.

Lightning Bolt – 13 Monsters: RealAudio |


If not, you’ve always got Midnight Movies. This album has been out for a while. I only got around to listening to it recently. If you like this dreamy track, there are more like it on the album.

Midnight Movies – Tide And Sun: RealAudio |


Alright, that’s enough for now. I’m going to bed.

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