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Two years ago I track down Night On My Side, the debut full-length by singer/guitarist Gemma Hayes. This is during a time of serious transition, and I dig deep into the CD for a few weeks as if it were an emotional salve.

On impulse I drop it into my player the other day and am happily blown away all over again. It would be a cinch to slot her into that massive category of post-post-Alanis female singer/songwriters were it not for her frequent plunges into My Bloody Valentine-style fuzz and distortion. I love that kind of thing, and no track exemplifies it as well as this one:

Lucky One: stream |


Incidentally, that gorgeous photo above is the work of photographer Laurent Orseau, whose impressive body of work is on display (and on sale) at his website. Go check it out if you have a chance.

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