SFX: avalanches | travis

I recently pick up two discs I’ve been curious about. 12 Memories, by Travis, is good. They still sound like Radiohead, especially on “Re-Offender,” which channels Thom Yorke to the point of absurdity. It’s a nice, inoffensive album. But I can’t stop playing Since I Left You, by The Avalanches. The album is a sparkly adventure through a beat-heavy landscape interspersed with oases of pure beauty. The Allmusic link above offers samples, but it’s really something that needs a complete run-through for the full effect. I know, I know, I’m a few years late on that one. I wanted to get it back in 2000, but it’s one of the many that slipped through the cracks when that progressive house obsession dropped into the castle of my mind, disrobed and wriggled saucily atop the piano.

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