I’ve mentioned my music maven friend Michael before. He’s got a knack for writing about records. In fact, I had intended to post his round-up of the best of 2004 a couple months ago, but I’ve been so busy keeping my head above water lately, I never got around to it. A couple days ago I receive a collection of his capsule reviews of some of the music he picked up in March. I immediately develop a presentation page for it, realizing that if he’s going to go through the immense trouble of writing it, someone should go through the (comparatively minor) trouble of putting it somewhere people might see it.

So here’s his collection of reviews for some cool cd’s now available on (finer) music store shelves. I’ve even tossed in a downloadable pdf checklist for anyone who wants to track down some of his recommendations. Keep in mind that I threw together the layout code late last night. When I have more time I’ll spruce it up and make the images clickable (as well as clean up the odd little typographical eccentricities of the code.) And here’s hoping Michael wants to keep doing this. I personally love the idea.

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