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It’s raining like the devil here in Los Angeles. Made for a very slow night at the shop tonight. I worked with Sirry. She’d been watching Xanadu all day at her house, so we threw it on the screen. Afterwards, I insisted on putting on a Michael J. Fox movie (Secret of My Success) It ended at ten. “What next?” I asked her? She grinned.


So we put that back in and started it over.

Alison Elliott dropped by to rent a movie. She also bought a used copy of The Miracle Worker (the one with Hallie Kate Eisenberg.) She asked if it was in decent shape. I assured her it was, saying, “It’s only rented, like, three times.” She laughed. “Oh well. It’s for my library.”

It wasn’t until after she left that I realized she was IN The Miracle Worker. Damn, I wish I’d known that before I made the implication that it never rented. How embarrassing. Most people know her from The Spitfire Grill. But she’s going to be in the TV adaptation of A Wrinkle In Time, which should be pretty damn cool. She’s a really nice woman. I’m an idiot.

And in a similar vein, Maya Stange dropped by. She was looking for a copy of XX/XY to rent on DVD. “Don’t you already own that one?” I chided her. She said that her boyfriend had never seen it. He was there with her. We had it on VHS, but apparently they’d just gotten a DVD player and wanted to play with it. I just love their Aussie accents.

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