rocket report

Sara and I stepped out of the furnace heat of La Brea into what amounted to a Rocket Video pet fair. Sirry’s dog Luna was there. Summer brought Sammy and Maggie, her boxers in, and along with them was the newest addition to her fold, a young boxer named Sophie. Sitting on the popcorn machine next to the display of classic Hollywood monster DVD’s was a box of kittens. No joke. Kittens. They’d been rescued from potential death and were in serious need for adoption. The next hour was pandemonium. Dogs chasing dogs, kittens on the counter. Summer and Cathy sitting on the floor with dogs all around them. Not much like a video store, really. I wonder what the bosses thought as they peered through their spy cameras.

Anyway, I’ll post many pictures over at buzznet, but for now, check out these two. The first is Sara holding onto one of the gray kittens. The second is Sophie, the young boxer, who’s discovered where some water can be had…

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