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Yes, I’m back at Rocket. For now. I don’t know how long I’ll stay. I’d been planning to drop a resume off at Amoeba (home of two other Rocket expats) but I’ve been feeling so crappy, the drive to do so has been weak. So for now, I’m working hard (practically every day, in fact) which is exactly the opposite of what Bonehead wanted. That’s actually kind of fun. Instead of out on the street, I’m at the store even more than I was before.

The latest Hollywood encounter was an amusing one. Two women approached the counter and asked my opinion on a pair of movies. I can’t remember what they were, but I think I told them they were fine films. Then one of them held up another one and asked, “What about this one?” The movie was 13 Conversations About One Thing. I said I hadn’t seen it. The other woman chided her. “Don’t do that!” At my bemusement the first one said, “Sorry. That was a trick. We wrote it. She directed it.” I was helping Jill and Karen Sprecher.

I told Karen to hand the movie over. “I’ll watch it tonight. Next time I see you, I’ll give you the review.” Jill was embarrassed. “No, don’t. We didn’t mean that you needed to watch it.” But I insisted. I’d wanted to watch it anyway, though I couldn’t remember why.

So last night I checked it out. It’s really good. It tells the stories of several characters whose lives intertwine in ways they don’t suspect as they explore the question of happiness. Great cast, great performances (Alan Arkin is a standout) and an all-around engaging film. And then as I watched the credits, I remembered why I’d wanted to watch it. My friend Laurie Hansen has an Associate Producer credit.

Small world.

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