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It was the Sara, Will and Ryan show tonight. Business was brisk, but when you’re as cool as we are, no one really notices. We were all in a good mood, we all had energy (Sara and I came in to work with coffee) and we all had lame jokes to tell. As I said to the others at one point, “It’s like a well-written comedy show where all the jokes are bad.” In fact, I’ll let you in on a couple:

Ryan, when a customer asked about the latest Ron Howard flick that should have been in but wasn’t: “I’m afraid The Missing is missing.”

Sara, when a customer asked about a recent documentary that we didn’t have in. “It looks like the Friedmans have been captured.”

And me: Actually, I can’t remember my brilliant joke. But it must have been equally as bad.

No actor sightings that I remember, although there were a few great customer sightings. The ever-attractive Candace dropped in to return The Desk Set, which was a good sixteen days late (she had a good excuse–and I gave her a killer deal even though she actually has a boyfriend.) Stacey came in as well. i got to chat with her briefly, but it was too busy to “connect” and then there were a host of other regulars and nutcases.

Tomorrow, it’s just me and Sara doing the Sunday night thing. And yes, it’s Oscar night. I think that’ll make for a cool evening. I’ll stay away from the Hollywood Blvd area and just wander down to Rocket via La Brea. It’ll be the second year in a row that I’ve skipped the Oscars. And I used to watch them religiously. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen only about half of the nominated flicks. My friend Maria put it best:

“As for movies, too boring for words. Next Sunday is going to bring 4+ hours of little hooded dwarves and I couldn�t be less thrilled. I�m hoping Charlize treats us to a Halle Berry-style breakdown during her acceptance speech to provide some amusement.”

I just don’t really care anymore.

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