Radar Bros. – Auditorium

Radar Bros - AuditoriumAnother surprise tumbles from the weekly flood of new releases. It’s Auditorium, the new one by Radar Bros. These guys are consistently good. Each album is a rolling, melancholy stroll through gentle acoustica and wistful heart-caressing melody. “The River Shade” off their last album was one of my picks of 2005. Damn, has it been that long?

Auditorium, like The Fallen Leaf Pages, strums along at a mid-tempo amble and weaves in and out of a soporific haze. Sounds dreadfully boring, doesn’t it? It’s not. This is music that does well when you’re sinking into a book or messing around with paint brushes. It’s not highway music. It grows on you from the inside.

Radar Bros

It’s also, as I’m discovering right now in my post insomnia haze, very difficult to write about. So just listen to “Lake Life” and see for yourself. These guys just wrapped a residency at The Echo in Silverlake, which, frankly, did nothing for me here in New Mexico except increase the impatience with which I anticipate my mid-March return to Los Angeles.

Radar Bros. – official site, bio at Merge Records, itunes

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