Playlist: October 2007

iMix - October

We’re halfway through November, but I got so interested in the idea of publishing a monthly playlist that I decided to do one immediately and slap an October label on it. So here it is, the first of a monthly series of playlists, available directly from iTunes for under nine bucks.

There’s a little something for everyone here. Echobelly is the only really extemporaneous cut, but after a long time searching for this unavailable-in-the-US disc, I finally tracked it down, and any acquisition of an Echobelly album is cause for celebration. There’s some Britney in here to to give the mix some tragic weight. Nocole Atkins, whose infectiously danceable “Love Surreal” is from an album every bit as wonderful as the song itself. A pair of instrumentals, from Japancakes and Odd Nosdam, excellent new Duran Duran material and finally, a trio of indie confections round out the mix.

Missing on this first attempt: I tried to include a couple U2 covers: the new live version of “Bullet The Blue Sky” by Queensryche (wow!) and “Sunday Bloody Sunday” as covered by Saul Williams and Trent Reznor (!) The latter is unavailable on iTunes as yet and the former is “album only.” Finally, I tried to throw in some Billie Piper, but she’s apparently scarce on iTunes as well. Next time I’ll research before I publish.

Echobelly – Fear Of Flying (People Are Expensive)
Yeasayer – Sunrise (All Hour Cymbals)
Babyshambles – Unbilotitled (Shotter’s Nation)
Nicole Atkins – Love Surreal (Neptune City)
Odd Nosdam – Fat Hooks (Level Live Wires)*
Duran Duran – Falling Down (Red Carpet Massacre) post
Japancakes – Soon (Loveless) post
Britney Spears – Heaven On Earth (Blackout)
Little Dragon – Twice (Little Dragon)

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* accidentally selected “Burner” instead of “Fat Hooks” on the published iMix. Give it some time for the correction to take place. (8:50 AM) Okay, it’s fixed.

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