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I write in my last post that one rarely sees the Pillsbury Doughboy (hee-hee!) mentioned in the same breath as the fine women of Vivid Entertainment. I’m hoping to change that, if even for just a little while. Some time ago I ran an Isla Vista video store called Emerald Video. As emmissaries of that fine establishment, a handful of Emerald crewmembers and I ventured down to L.A. for the 1996 VSDA convention. Those things can be pretty dull (unless you happen to love the video business) so it’s no wonder the highlight for most people is the convention center’s “porn wing.”

Remember this pic of my brother and my friend cavorting with Chasey and Janine?

I’ve spent the past couple days preparing an Ebay auction of one of the fruits of that little jaunt, and it’s an auction for just about one of the weirdest things I own. It’s a plastic Pillsbury Doughboy, er, “doll” I guess one might call it, signed by every one of Vivid’s contract girls.

1996 was post Babrara Dare, post Tori Welles, but the lineup was classic: Janine Lindemulder, Kobi (Kobe?) Tai, Jenteal, Dyanna Lauren, Raquel Darrian, Christy Canyon, Nikki Tyler and Chasey Lain (who’s still on contract, I believe.)

Oh man. I’m talking like this was the classic Yes lineup or something, but to a bunch of guys in the business, raised on video, this were names you knew. Even if you didn’t admit it. Everyone was getting promo slicks and headshots signed. I’d been wondering what to do with that doughboy I’d just picked up at the Twentieth Century Fox booth… [David Brent laces his fingers together, teeth on his lower lip, knowing look in his eye. Point made. Well done.]

So the auction’s not online yet. I’ll post a link to it when it kicks off (just after midnight tonight.) I haven’t got a shred of a clue as to what the thing is worth. I suppose it’ll net a ten spot or something

…if people can find it. It’s highly unlikely that it’ll come up in an auction search. This blog is my only hope. If enough people find this thing just weird enough, maybe word will spread. And somewhere, that bored rich porn aficionado will take a breather from his baking long enough to place a generous bid…

I’ll keep y’all posted.

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