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So I talk with Nena Eskridge today. She’s one of the two amazing Philly-based producers who optioned the delicate skin (the script that’s kind-of sort-of about the Black Dahlia) back in August. As always, the conversation is long and leisurely. She’s a warm and talkative person, and our meanderings tend to run the gamut from film finance to murder history to the goings-on in the latest episode of Angel. She and Rich Goldberg are working tirelessly to secure financing for ths project, talking to investors, bankers, directors and, presumably, even loan sharks, looking for a snowball of an investment that they can toss into the snow at the top of that long, steep slope. Anyway, she mentions that the script is the talk of the town, and that I was even mentioned in an article about recent film happenings. Ever the skeptic, I checked it out. Here ya go. Look for me about a third of the way down:


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