oscar yawn

It’s Oscar time again and I couldn’t care less. I suppose I’d be a little more engaged if I’d seen even a quarter of the movies that are nominated. I used to love the Oscars. I would make a big deal about guessing who should win, who would win and where I was going to watch it unfold. But in the past four years the telecasts got more terdious. The ads got icky, the presentations got too formal. Too awkward. And in the end I would feel like none of the winners actually represented what I was enjoying in the movie theaters.

Today I’m no less enamoured of Movies than I ever was, though I see nowhere near the quantity I used to. There was a time when I would see about 180 films a year. Now it’s more like half of one film and a couple of TV shows, and someone tricked me into seeing Resident Evil 2 recently, which I hated, because, “why didn’t anyone make MY movie?”

I still love ’em, even though I don’t watch ’em. I just don’t need to watch the people who make them slap each other on the back for four glitzy hours. I’d rather do what I did last year.

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