One score and seven years

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been a year since this post. That means another night at Benihana, another stack of presents, and that Sara’s another year older.

Mark was with us last time. He’s not there this time, but he’s missed. Luckily, there’s some consolation in that his episode of Cold Case runs again tonight. I hope you all caught it.

Oh, and I guess it also means that I’m two days shy of my one year anniversary at Amoeba Music. I’d been telling everyone that today was my anniversary, but I’d forgotten that we celebrated Sara’s birthday two days after her real one last year. So in forty-eight hours we break out the party hats.

It’s late and I just spent an hour or so putting together a long overdue post for LAist. So I’ll just leave you with a couple of sweet pics.


From left to right: Tracy, Jennifer (remember her?) and Sara.

Sara’s cake. And yes, that’s the this album cover on the frosting.

Sara and Noah. Noah surprises me tonight by saying he’s a frequent visitor to this blog and that he really enjoys it. I had no idea. So this one’s for you, buddy:

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