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No clever little stories to tell today, but I thought I’d catch up on a few minor things.

I’m going back in to Amoeba today for a follow-up interview. Today I meet the general manager and the two cats who run the mezzanine, where I’ll work if I get the job. The mezzanine, for those unfamiliar with the L.A. Amoeba Music Store, is the movie department. About a dozen or so hard-working folks comprise the mezzanine team, including Ariel and Randy, both of whom used to work at Rocket Video. I’ll post an update after the meeting, but it might not be until late, because Sara and I might go Space-Invader hunting today.

Speaking of those pesky invaders, I’ve been doing some hard work on the counterinvasion website. Nothing that anyone can really look at yet, but I’ve devised an interface for the invader index and renovated the individual invader pages. Here’s a sample if you’re curious. It’ll be cool when it’s all done.

On a related note, the latest issue of Giant Robot features a cover by none other than Space Invader himself. Last night at Rocket Video I tell Sara about the Giant Robot store and suggest we visit it. Then, looking up their website, that little red guy just jumps out at us.

Mark and I catch the remake of ‘Salem’s Lot this week. We’re not impressed. There are a couple of intriguing moments, but it feels as if they intended to make a six-hour miniseries and then at the last minute decided to cut it down to four. While we have no problem with deviation from the original text, we at least request it makes sense. An example: Andre Braugher’s character, teacher Matt Burke, is in the hospital. he tells the doctor he saw Mike Ryerson in his house. He’d been cut on the autopsy table, which he showed by lifting his shirt. He had two cuts. TWO cuts, Doctor, he says, as if it’s the weirdest thing he’d ever seen. Can you tell me why he had two cuts? The doctor, played my Robert Mammone, promises to find out. But if he ever does, he never tells the rest of us. It is never mentioned again. Rutger Hauer looks great as Barlow, and Donald Sutherland goes a little nutso as Stryker. Check out this link to the ‘Salem’s Lot page at Lilja’s Library. It’s a cool collection of info about the making of the film. And here’s a pic of Samantha Mathis as Susan. I think this is her after she becomes a vampire.

Samantha Mathis in 'Salem's Lot

Gotta go for now. I’m working hard on the mini-treatment for Blood & Glass this morning. Tonight, after the interview and everything, I’ll spend some time working on the Scarefest website.

Oh, and finally, here’s a picture of Parley. She’s been hanging out in North Carolina lately. I can’t honestly say I’ve seen her looking better. Check out that hair!

Parely in white

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