new site design!

Yes, I suppose it’s obvious. Here’s the new design. Or part of it, anyway. This appeals to my interest in simplicity and elegance. Uncluttered. Clean. No coffee stains.

To the right we have the Marquee, which is a standard blogroll. The old design limited the length of my links list. Thanks to this new design, I can abandon all discretion and toss links about willy-nilly. In other words, the links list will likely expand like living hell.

Below the Marquee we have the Soundtrack listing. This is an old Javascript file, which I used prior to syndicating the Buzznet gallery. Therefore, the albums are from, like, last year and stuff. I’ll update them soon.

Then below that we have the Archive list. Whoop-de do.

Many more tweaks and changes to come as I mess around with the CSS (upon which the entire page has been built,) so bear with me.

Let me know what you think.

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