new commenting (again)

After realizing that in order to comment (and not comment anonymously) you have to register with Blogger, I’ve ditched their comment code and picked up a solution by Haloscan. I’ve installed it, and it seems to work rather well, but as of this writing, I’ve only got it halfway posted to the site. Blogger has ceased communication with my provider for some reason, and not all configuration is in place. Maddening. Right now the comments feature includes a trackback feature, which I don’t think I’ll use for the time being. When I get the final version published, I’ll only have the commments link below.

And that’s all the time I have today to mess with it. Boss is in Iceland, but unfortunately, though the cat’s away, this mouse cannot play. I’ve got tons of stuff to do web-wise for him while he’s gone, including work on the Scarefest site and a bunch of other stuff. Gotta work, gotta work.


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