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I try to wake up at eight. I really do. But though I don’t remember having THAT many margaritas last night, my body begs to differ. And when it comes to begging, my body can be awfully persuasive. So I mess around a little on the Web, send off that email to Boss, whom I later learn from Jeff actually IS in town. He’s just not returning my calls. Then I clamber under a blanket on my sofa and doze my way through a pair of episodes of Millennium. (One of the best things about having a multi-region DVD player is that people sell off their import DVD sets of American TV shows when those shows are released in the States. We buy them at Amoeba for cheap. I’ve recently picked up full seasons of both Dark Angel and Millennium for about eight bucks apiece.)

I eventually drag myself out of the house down to the Whole Foods on Fairfax and Third to fill up my five-gallon water bottles. They have one of those swanky cool new machines that take dollar bills and dispense water in five gallon gushes. Then swinging through the store to pick up some random, necessary food things I spot Tricky sitting by the front door. He sports a peculiar bandage on his chin. I almost dismiss the guy as a lookalike, but he says something to a friend. There’s no mistaking that gravelly Bristol accent.

So, to continue in a “millennium” theme, here’s a cut from his third album, Pre-Millennium Tension. Check it out.

Tricky Kid: stream |


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